5 Confessions of a Blogaholic

Below are a few of my favorite things about blogging...

1.  I love to meet new people.
Thanks to my social media accounts (this blog, Instagram and Twitter), I have been blessed to meet some amazing people.  A few of whom I can call ‘best friends’.  

2.  I love to encourage.
When I first started this blog, it was with the intention of encouraging fellow believers, to remind them that God has great plans for them, and ultimately, that they aren’t alone.  I have gotten so many emails and comments from people thanking me for my posts, or telling me how God used this or that to really speak to them.  That’s the only reason I continue to blog.

3.  I love to write.
Writing is a passion of mine - right next to my love for God and second only to music.  If I couldn’t write, I think I’d probably go insane.  I believe that God has gifted me with this talent and I choose only to glorify Him in and through it.

4.  I love to hear from readers.
Feedback is always good.  Constructive criticism is always good.  But only when done with ‘grace and seasoned with salt’.  Whenever I get an email or comment from someone graciously telling me about a mistake I made or something that they aren’t sure they agree with me on, I will gladly hear them out.  
And comments just plain make my day.  (Do I hear an amen from any fellow bloggers out there?)

5.   I love my Jesus.
Like I said in reason #2, I began this blog to encourage fellow Christians.  I blog for them, but ultimately for Jesus.  I dedicated this blog to Him and I pray that everyone who reads it may be blessed and encouraged.  It’s not about me, it’s about Him.  


What are some of your favorite reasons for blogging?  Leave a comment and let me know.  Oh and include your blog link.  I’ll try to check it out!


Tribute to Love

So many of my friends have found the love of their life and are taking that next big step.  So many of my friends are getting married.  
And this is something I wrote to them...


When you showed me your ring, the diamond as bright as the smile on your face, my heart was so happy for you, my friend. To think that you finally reached the day that you'd been waiting for and praying about...and now, it was finally here.
When you told me of the look on her face, as you asked the special question that you'd been dying to ask, your eyes radiated with love as you described the beauty that you see in the woman of your dreams.
Little by little, one by one, I have seen God work mightily through your lives. Sometimes in small detail perhaps, but nonetheless, all-powerful. Every drop, every wave, every crash and cloud and clap of thunder through the rain, He composed a song and a dance only for you and yours. Until they collided into one, and you can't dance a note more unless you dance it together. But along the way, somehow, He had designed a passionate love to knit your hearts together, so that when you wed, it was as perfect as two puzzle pieces - so totally different but so perfectly designed for each other. A passionate love that grew over time. When your heart finds its match, it is as if a volcano will erupt unless the two be joined. And when they do, you must decide. Each for yourself. Shall you release all that you had known of before, everything you held dear, and cling with all your might to the one now before you? Will nothing ever stop you from parting ways? Is this love strong enough to withstand the most ferocious flame, the most threatening blizzard, the longest fall into sorrow? 
People don't believe in true love anymore. What with the way today's world has painted a picture of it as a fairytale sort of wispy love and a happy ending that can only transpire when the two love-struck individuals throw themselves into each other's arms, with no thought to the future. But wait. Is this what being in love really is?
I myself have never held this status before. I have never been in love. I do not know the feelings of losing one's breath when your beloved says your name, or of entwining your fingers with the one who you know will absolutely never let you go, or to lie awake at night knowing that someone somewhere is thinking of you - specifically of YOU.
I have not felt it. But I have seen it. And what I have seen with my own eyes far outweighs any love story that was ever written by any mere man.

And what of these people who make up silly stories of what 'being in love' is? Well, I believe they say such things because they don't understand something. They don't understand that amidst the troubling hardships and thorns of life, love is hidden throughout in a myriad of different details. 

It may subside, for love is a temporary madness. There will come a time when your kisses may not be as passionate. One of you may forget a special occasion or anniversary. One of you will unintentionally insult the other. And perhaps there will be raised voices during an argument. These are all just ruts in the road. Do you not know that anything can withstand time only by enduring the messy bits? Life is the messy bits. And oh what a beautiful life to live and to share with the one who has promised to love you, body and soul, through it all.

Stay with him, not for all the things he has done right, but for the choice that you made: to love and cherish him all the days of your life. Choose not to leave her for the one thing she did wrong, but to stay with her for all the things she had done right.
Society says 'oh but if such and such happens, he doesn't love you anymore' or 'if she says this or that, the love she promised you was a lie.'
So I challenge you. When those rough waves come, when the ship of your marriage is being tossed to and fro, hold tight to each other with one hand, and hold on for life with the other. To the main mast of your ship. The pillar of strength. The only One who can see you through any storm. Afterall, He is the designer of all things. Even such a story as slaying His own Son so that you might have a perfect example of what true love is. 

This is true love.
True love is breaking yourself in half so that you can be joined with another half to become one. There will be constant breaks, yes, constant bendings, and fittings, and stretchings...And with these comes pain, for this is a union of two hearts, two souls, two personalities. But true love is what stands when everything else has fallen. True love is what is left when all around you has burned away. 

Defy what society calls love and stand for what they call impossible. Success is the greatest revenge. Avenge the dying legacy of what true love really is, and with every passing day you live as one heart bound to another, I pray that the little spark that started this dazzling flame, will only continue to be fed and that soon, the world will stop and gaze in astonishment at something they deemed impossible.


God's Love vs. The World's Love

“And now abide these three: faith, hope and love.  But the greatest of these is love.”
- 1 Corinthians 13:13

I’m a true romantic.  But the love talked about in this verse is the truest of true romantic loves.  The romance of the world is very often misshaped and selfish and not able to withstand the many abusive blows it receives.  

But the love of God...now that is the purest kind.  Completely selfless, immensely sacrificial, unstoppable, a burning and unquenchable passion, a jealous and unchanging love.  This makes it the strongest possible kind.  And one that is so incomparable.  It can’t be bought, it is only given.  It is never manipulated, but given with grace.  And it can never, ever be broken.  The truth is, not even death can contain, limit or abolish this awesome love of God.  

Our relationship with God is a romance.  And a greater romance has never been told.  It’s a romance that is eternal, not like the world’s.  It’s a romance that is infinite.  It was being formed before the universe was spoken into existence.  And it began with the powerful love we were just talking about.  That same love is the one, the same power that sustained Christ when He gave up His last breath on the cross to save the chosen sinners.  That love is woven and knit into each of the souls of His elect.  And He is constantly wooing us and romancing us through blessings that He continually pours out on our lives.  When no human stands with us through a storm, He is always there.  When we experience heartache and pain, He remains faithful.  This love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.

As God’s child, are you rebelling against the world’s standards of love and showing the true colors of love?  The love that He manifested in smiting His own Son to die in your stead?

World: Love satisfies your immediate needs.
God: Love is patient.

World: Love should be directed towards yourself.
God: Love is kind.

World: Love is only satisfied when you are being shown attention
God: Love is not jealous.

World: Love means that you deserve the best.
God: Love is not boastful.

World: Love is doing for yourself whatever makes you happy.
God: Love is not rude.

World: Love is doing everything for your own benefit.
God: Love is selfless.

World: Love is only there if you treat them right all the time
God: Love forgives and forgets.

World: Love hides behind lies so others think they’re without fault
God: Love rejoices in the truth.

World: Love comes and goes.
God: Love never fails.


7 Reasons Why I Loved Being Homeschooled

I was homeschooled all through my highschool years.  I am a 2012 homeschool graduate - and I love being able to say that.  All of those hardworking school years were such a blessing.  And I wouldn’t trade them for any sort of education I could’ve gotten elsewhere. 

The following are seven reasons why I loved being homeschooled.  And also why I think it’s so special and incredible and, ultimately, the best way (yes, I may be biased) to educate your children.

And to any of my fellow homeschooler graduates (or if you are currently still being homeschooled), please feel free to comment with any points that I may have missed.

1)  The world was my classroom.
Everyday, everything my family and I did, everywhere we went was a learning opportunity.  School is a never-ending learning process.  Just because I wasn’t in a classroom doesn’t mean I wasn’t studying.  And I’ll be learning new things for the rest of my life.

2)  I could listen to music while working.
This is a huge thing for me because I can’t live without music, and I can actually concentrate better while listening to music.

3)  I could create my own schedule.
My day may have gotten interrupted by an emergency, a quick run to the store, or because my parents wanted to throw in a week-long vacation while the rest of the kids were in public school.  I could work with my own schedule, choose my own times to study, and decide on what subjects to study at which hours.  Cuz honestly, I hated doing math in the morning, but I could work with languages no problem.  

4)  No school outfits.
Three words: sweats and hoodies.

5)  Getting first-hand experience on teaching my own children someday.
I will, LORD-willing, continue this second generation tradition of educating my future children someday.  Being able to help my parents teach my siblings now is a great learning time for me.

6)  Instead of having to hear the world’s viewpoint on certain subjects and then come home and hear the Biblical worldview, being homeschooled is a way to filter the foulness of the world. 
And no, I’m not saying that I was always able to keep my ears innocent, but my parents were able to [try to] control what I would hear, when I would hear it and be able to be right there alongside me to teach me through it.  

7)  Learning at home gave me a love of BEING at home.
Not as homebodies who are scared of going outside, but to have a healthy love for the home and its atmosphere.  I love traveling, but there’s absolutely no better feeling than to come home to my parents and siblings after being gone for a while.

Homeschooling is hard, but trusting that God will provide and give you the strength and patience you need is all a part of homeschooling.  I am so thankful that my parents stuck with my brother and me through our school years, and continue to with my younger siblings.